The only thing worse than not staging your home for sale at all is to spend your time and money doing the work only to have buyers react badly to it. Here are a few common dos and don'ts for staging success. 

Don’t Use Beat Up or Ugly Furnishings

Do aim for great staging, either DIY or by a Fresno or Clovis professional, including choosing furniture that shows each room in your home in the best light. And, you don’t need to buy new furnishings to upgrade your home’s look-a few hundred dollars spent on low cost second-hand furniture and accessories can be money well spent.

A Clean and Clutter Free Home

You want to make sure your home is always clean and clutter free so it is always available for showings by agents representing buyers. Choose neutral colors and themes. Don’t select distracting accessories and furniture. Focus on your Fresno or Clovis home’s décor and less on your material possessions.

Do Keep a Consistent Style

Make sure that your home’s interior design is organized and comfortable so that it doesn’t leave a bad impression with potential buyers.

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