In the past few years, home automation has progressed light years beyond The Clapper® of yesteryear. Today, many home features can be automated, from door locks to light switches to thermostats.

These smart home devices, many of which are managed via smartphone or tablet, can work independently or as one unified system through a hub. Implementation of these devices is becoming more and more mainstream, much to the benefit of the booming home automation sector, which is projected to be worth more than $121 billion by 2020.

Some of the biggest benefits of home automation are increased security – such as through cameras and video doorbells – and energy efficiency – such as through thermostats that adapt your home's temperature to your schedule. For the elderly and homeowners with disabilities, smart home technology increases accessibility through options like voice-controlled light switches or automated lawn watering.

As smart home features become more commonplace, home buyers will begin to demand homes that are outfitted with the technology, and the market value of smart homes will continue to increase.

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